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Incorporating *Self Love* Techniques in the Hypnosis for Weight Loss Process

It's the beginning of a New Year so I wanted to bring this out in the open and share what I have learned about the mind and how it responds to New Year's Resolutions. You see, we have a conscious mind (12% of our mind), & a subconscious mind (88%) and the ONLY way those weight release resolutions come true is when our SUBCONSCIOUS believes we want the weight release MORE than what is emotionally being fed to us by the food.

Uncovering the CORE reasons we emotionally eat sometimes happens in layers. Exploring & healing our emotional bond with food is absolutely ESSENTIAL to release weight long-term. A majority of weight loss programs focus strictly on food & exercise, never tapping into the emotional bond we have with eating.

This "Self Love" Hypnosis Weight Release Program is less about WHAT you are eating & more about WHY you are eating. We will:

1. Uncover what emotions you may be holding onto that are not yours (typical if you are an empathic soul);

2. Unlocking what your unique emotional bond is with food & where it stems from; &

3. Supporting you in a mindset shift from defeat to DESERVABILITY.

Always here to support you in mind, body & soul. Saree

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