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Does it seem as though our moon cycle triggers an additional layer of awareness, judging every little thing we say and do? “When I just said, _____________, did that sound needy/was I irritating/ignorant/irrational …?” This little monitoring device steps in and wants to pick apart every thought and action and put it under a magnifying glass to make sure I've examined every tiny detail. Until recently, this voice would wreak havoc on my self-esteem and would consume

much of my attention during that time of the month. It was exhausting and counterproductive.

Recently however, I have noticed that while this heightened awareness can trigger my inner critic, it also has this amazing potential to sense the subtle energies in my environment in fine detail. My intuition is on steroids and my sense of feel and deeper knowing are off the charts. This heightened ability has allowed me to be more intuitive with people and more in touch with my vulnerable side, allowing others to open up more easily around me. I also do some of my best content writing and course creation during this time.

What I once considered one of my greatest challenges, I'm now realizing is also one of my greatest gifts! This heightened awareness was meant to be a divine gift that naturally comes with our femininity.

Does your moon cycle discomfort seem worse than most? Then just know that you are one intuitive motha’!


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