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Are You an Empath?

Are You an Empath? If so, I thank you.

Thank you for being "Protectors of the Light.”

Thank you for being resilient and allowing yourself to FEEL, despite the darkness in our world when many others are numbing themselves from feeling.

Thank you for not looking at your feelings as a weakness and embracing your gift of empathy as a power source.

Thank you for your depth. For it is your energy of safety that others feel, allowing them to be vulnerable so they can open up their deeper selves.

Thank you for honoring other's complex emotional situations.

Thank you for providing comfort and solace to those who are struggling in this world.

You are the “way-pavers” into this New World.

You are here for this purpose.


You are responsible for saying goodbye to those in your life who do not accept your gift, for the world needs your light to shine.

You are responsible for doing your “Inner Work.” You are showing others their life’s potential when self-love is their guiding force.

You are responsible for claiming and setting your own boundaries, so the darkness has no power over you.

You are responsible for placing continuous grounding work at the top of your to-do list, for when you are grounded in your body, nobody else's energy can fill your space.

You are responsible for cutting energy cords that you created when you needed others to be or feel a certain way, so you no longer feel hurt. These energy cords drain others of their energy and hold them back from processing their own experiences in a healthy way. This dimishes the light in the world, it does not enhance it.

You are NOT responsible for processing other’s emotions. Nor are you responsible for being a sponge to “feels” so other people can dump them onto you. This is NOT why you are here.

You are responsible for having a VOICE, for your voice comes from LOVING INTENT and this is the most powerful voice there is. OWN IT. NOW IS YOUR TIME.

Your purpose is your BEING. Stand Strong.


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