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If you've never undergone formal hypnosis before, you may be fascinated by the mystery but also a little...well...freaked out! Why? Because most of what we see in the media about hypnosis is from comedy hypnosis. Here are some facts about undergoing hypnosis for coaching and therapy purposes:

1. Everyone can be hypnotized - the process is different based upon suggestibility - the client doesn't have to be concerned whether it will work - leave that up to the hypnotherapist.

2. Our subconscious mind is anywhere between 88 and 95% of our complete mind. Hypnosis is very effective as it works with replacing negative habit patterns located in the subconscious mind but it also requires the help of the client.! It is not a miracle therapy but rather, a tool that speeds up the habit changing process.


3. Most people report feeling more clear of mind while under hypnosis and are able to remember most, if not all, that was said to them under hypnosis.

4. Hypnosis brings your mind from a beta brain wave state to an alpha or theta brain wave state. This is why many people report feeling very relaxed and more clear of mind during and after their session. (great for calming an overthinking mind)

5. Hypnosis is not to be confused with medical treatment, counseling or therapy. Medically related issues require the consent and approval of a qualified medical practitioner before beginning hypnosis with Saree.

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