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Mindfulness & Meditation

Settle your busy mind, reduce stress and learn a unique meditation style each week in this 6 week meditation/mindfulness series designed to help you grow & restore your relationship with your inner self. This transformational experience Includes mindfulness techniques, dialogue and journaling. 


This series is offered several times throughout the year at Fit Elements in Fargo and is offered to organizations upon request. 



Saree offers 2 styles of four - week progression cocooning series several times throughout the year.
Contact Saree for times or see her Facebook Page @innersparkcoachinghypnosis for upcoming events.

Intuition Intro Class:
Week One:
Mind/Body Connection


Week Two: Clearing and Strengthening Your Energy Body (With a focus on the chakra system)


Week Three: Understanding Your Intuition (Learn your predominant "Clair")


Week Four: Connecting with Your Higher Self

Each week begins with dialogue and instruction on the week's topic and ends with a guided meditation in an anti-gravity cocoon.

Intuition 2.0 (4 week Series)
Expect this unique and powerful experience to bring more peace and inner clarity to your well-being. 

Explore different energy frequencies and understand how your intuition picks up subtle energies through the 5 senses. Learn how to measure energy through tools and experience hypno-meditations to support your intuition and calm the mind. *Do not need to take Intuition Intro Class to experience.

Cocooning/Soundbath Hypno-Meditation

These group sessions are offered one evening per month on Monday's at Fit Element in Fargo. Contact Saree for upcoming schedule.


Saree offers private cocooning parties for groups of 5-8 people. 1 hour; subject matter of meditation tailored to the group. Provide this unique experience to your employees, gather a group of friends or allow us to host your birthday party! 


"Saree is awesome to work with. I am in charge of culture at our company. She has helped a couple of our employees with hypnotherapy. She also came in, and lead us in a group guided meditation during a stressful deadline week at work. The whole team loved it. Would recommend to anyone!"

"I also took Saree's six week meditation course. It gave me some amazing personal and professional clarity I was missing. I 100% would recommend joining her next session."

Erick Roder, Director of People & Nerd Culture, Codelation.

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