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Are you a Mystic or a Spiritual Seeker?

Earth’s Frequency is Shifting…

and the resonance of this transformation reverberates through every aspect of our being. Whether you have been on the spiritual path for awhile or have recently noticed yourself on a new journey of self discovery, you are undoubtedly feeling the subtle yet profound effects of this cosmic realignment.

As the energies around us are rapidly shifting, more and more of us are tuning into something deeper within ourselves and the world. It's like we're all on this wild journey together, discovering new aspects of mysticism and spiritual seeking. As we navigate through these shifts, it's intriguing to see where we might land—whether you find yourself resonating more with the signs of a mystic or those of a spiritual seeker, let's explore together and uncover which path speaks to you!"

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Are you a Mystic?

10 Signs You may be a Mystic

Mystics often feel a deep connection to the divine and have a heightened ability to sense energy. They are sometimes considered the outliers or eccentric ones and are often misunderstood. People who possess mystical traits often exhibit certain signs or behaviors. Here are 10 signs that you may be a mystic:

  1. Intuitive Insights: You have a heightened sense of intuition and often receive insights or guidance from sources beyond the rational mind.

  2. Profound Spiritual Experiences: You've had profound spiritual experiences that have deeply impacted your worldview and understanding of reality.

  3. Seeking Unity: You feel a strong urge to seek unity and connection with all beings and the universe as a whole.

  4. Meditative Practices: You regularly engage in meditation or contemplative practices to explore deeper aspects of consciousness and the divine.

  5. Sensitivity to Energy: You are sensitive to subtle energies and can often feel shifts in the energetic environment around you.

  6. Exploration of Altered States of Consciousness:They are curious about and open to exploring altered states of consciousness through practices such as breathwork, hypnosis, ecstatic dance, or plant medicine ceremonies. They see these as possible gateways to spiritual insights and transformation.  

  7. Symbolic Interpretation: You tend to interpret events, dreams, and symbols on a deeper, symbolic level, seeing meaning beyond the surface.

  8. Connection to Nature: You feel a deep connection to nature and find solace, inspiration, and spiritual insights when spending time outdoors or in natural settings.

  9. Inner Transformation: You've undergone significant inner transformation or spiritual awakening, leading to a shift in priorities and values.

  10. Mystical Practices: You are drawn to practices such as astrology, numerology, energy healing, or shamanic journeying as tools for spiritual growth and insight.

Mysticism can manifest in various ways and develops over time. Not everyone will exhibit all of these signs. Additionally, being a mystic is a deeply personal journey, and these signs are just indicators rather than definitive criteria.

10 Signs you May be a Spiritual Seeker

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Are you a Spiritual Seeker?

Spiritual Seekers often feel a profound inner longing for meaning, purpose, and connection beyond the surface of existence. They have a willingness to question conventional beliefs, and traditional therapies and practices no longer appeal to them. Driven by a deep yearning for understanding and inner peace, they explore various spiritual paths, practices, and philosophies with openness and curiosity.

  1. Seeking Meaning: You often find yourself questioning the deeper meaning of life and seeking answers beyond the material world.

  2. Exploring Different Beliefs: You have an open mind and enjoy exploring various spiritual traditions, philosophies, and practices to find what resonates with you.

  3. Inner Reflection: You regularly engage in self-reflection, introspection, or journaling to better understand yourself and your place in the universe.

  4. Desire for Growth: You have a strong desire for personal growth and development, seeking to evolve spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and/or physically.

  5. Sacred Geometry or Numerology: You are fascinated by the symbolism and patterns found in sacred geometry or numerology. You see these as reflections of divine order and the underlying unity of the cosmos.

  6. Embracing Mindfulness: You have an interest in mindfulness or meditation to cultivate present moment awareness and inner peace.

  7. Empathy and Compassion: You have a compassionate heart and strive to treat others with kindness, empathy, and understanding, recognizing the interconnectedness of all beings.

  8. Questioning Authority: You question authority, societal norms, and conventional wisdom, seeking your own truths and paths rather than blindly following others.

  9. Experiencing Synchronicities: You notice synchronicities or meaningful coincidences in your life that seem to guide you or provide confirmation of your spiritual journey.

  10. Longing for Connection: You feel a deep longing for connection—to yourself, to others, and to something greater than yourself—driving your spiritual quest.

Spiritual Seekers deeply yearn for spiritual growth, understanding, and connection to what lies beneath the surface of existence.

Stepping Into Your Power

I believe the Mystics and Spiritual Seekers across the globe are emerging as leaders to usher in the New Earth. If you resonate with this calling, you likely sense a strong urge to embrace your power in a more profound way.

Join me on your Soul Enrichment Journey, a cozy corner for mystics and seekers like you. Discover a place where you can explore your mind and heart freely. Ideal for the curious and open-minded, your empowering exploration begins now. Let's dive into this adventure together, ready to take the leap?

As we make leaps in these areas, your renewed fulfillment,clarity and relief are the natural outcomes.

 The Soul Enrichment Program is tailored for individuals like you to uncover your authentic gifts, dissolve the mental and emotional barriers hindering your progress, and guide you toward a deeper understanding of your intuitive abilities, empowering you to step into your true potential.

3 Pillars of the Soul Enrichment
3 Pillars of the Soul Enrichment Mentorshipm Program

 If you're intrigued and eager to learn more, click on the button below. Then, let’s schedule your free 45 minute Zoom call. I’d like to hear about your experience as a spiritual explorer and I can share with you how I can support you to fully step into your authentic power.

For more information go to:

Saree Janz; Inner Spark Hypnosis
Saree Janz

Saree Janz offers a soul-centered, transpersonal approach that includes exploring the unconscious parts of self in order to create deper meaning in life. This approach provides individuals with an opportunity to clear emotional patterns and personal habits that are inhibiting them from reaching their true potential. She believes that emotional triggers and old belief patterns can inhibit people from leading a full and desirable lifestyle – and that negative emotions can easily and gently clear from the body and mind through hypnotic trance and expanded awareness techniques. Saree's techniques are gentle, yet effective. She believes an environment of trust is essential to a productive session and guides each client on a path to self-discovery.

Each session is unique to the individual and begins with dialogue, transpersonal coaching and exploration prior to guiding the client into hypnosis. For more information, go to

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