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You're Ready...

Soul Enrichment


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Find Your Voice.
Live With Purpose.
Transform Your Life.

I see you...

You are ready to feel connected to your passion and vision for life in a way that feels in integrity with your heart.

You are coming to the understanding that you likely have never felt truly aligned with "who you are" and you long to know yourself in a deeper way.

You feel burned out with life, uninspired. You want to feel turned on by life again.


You find that societies' norms are starting to turn you off and you feel a yearning to run in the opposite direction but you aren't sure what is really going on inside of you.

Do you find yourself being agreeable, pleasing other people, and suppressing your own truth? Do you want to express yourself from your real, honest nature, but you don't know how to overcome these patterns of giving in, shutting down and keeping the peace?

If you're overwhelmed by the constant stress in your life, feeling stuck in this pattern of doing more, unable to really slow down and feel connected to yourself, this soul work is for you. 

If you're ready to embrace the power that comes from your restful self and presence, actually unlocking more fulfillment, abundance and ease into your life, this program can guide the way.

If you want to have the tools and spiritual support to transform self-limiting patterns, instead of being aware of them but continuing the cycles, I want to be by your side as we reclaim your power and sovereignty. 

My essence opens a space of safety for you to begin hearing the inner whisperings of your own soul and divine guidance, so you feel free to step into your true authentic self.


From Stuck to Unstoppable

The Soul Enrichment Program is an opportunity for you to feel seen in a way that allows you to self express easily, safely and naturally. 


Gain deeper insight into yourself so you can begin to focus your attention on who you are, peeling off the layers of old worn out patterns so the best parts of you can emerge, living from that place.

It's Time...

Obtain a deeper understanding of why you are here in this lifetime, to tap into your inner truth and feel confident speaking from that space.

Stop living your life based on societies’ norms and instead live from a passion-filled and aligned place that is connected to who you truly are. Feel free and confident sharing your ideas, thoughts and feelings with others. 


Create healthy boundaries for your own wants and needs so you feel comfortable focusing your attention on activities that feed your soul.

Truly know and love yourself in a way that self expresses as calm, confident and collected. Feel more grounded in your body and trusting in your decisions and actions.

Slow down the constant mind chatter so you more easily hear the messages from your heart and intuition, feeling more at peace with yourself.

Begin naturally living in a way that has you confidently trusting and honoring your own internal voice.

Feel your creative juices flowing once again and find yourself naturally and organically sharing your gifts and talents with others where you are not worried about how you or your talents are being perceived and instead, truly enjoying the process of allowing the fullest expression of self to be experienced. 

Shift from feeling an anxious heart to a calm, open and peaceful heart.

Easily and naturally begin to release your mental hold on past patterns, self-limiting habits, guilt and shame so you can live a life that feels peaceful, free and light.

Gain clarity on your soul's gifts and feel confident living through those gifts.

The 3 Pillars of Soul Work

This deep level work has the focus of transforming your life specifically in these 3 core areas...




Feel comfortable and confident expressing your unique self.

Remove emotional and trauma blockages that limit your ability to be seen for who you truly are.

Increase your intuitive abilities, so you can wholeheartedly trust your inner guidance versus being influenced by others around you.

As we make leaps in these areas, your renewed fulfillment,
clarity and relief are the natural outcomes.

Saree Explains
Why Core Passion® is Essential for Your Soul Enrichment

I chose to incorporate the Core Passion® Assessment into the Soul Enrichment Program because of how it transformed my own life and its unique way of helping people tap into their own unique gifts on a Soul Level.

*Core Passion® Assessment is included in the Soul Enrichment Program investment.

For more information about Core Passion®,
go to

Working with Saree...

Through therapeutic soul work, I will open a safe and comfortable space for you to be seen and affirmed as the powerful and beautiful being you already are. Through my intuitive seeing, I will consistently highlight and voice your qualities, gifts and value until this remembrance opens within you.


Even in moments you can't see it, there's nothing more healing than being witnessed in your value and gifts, and this is what I will do for you. Over time, integrating a new mindset of self-worth and value that you don't need to work hard to maintain.

Release mental & emotional blockages while calming the nervous system through hypnosis, mindfulness techniques and self awareness skills. 


Identify your soul-purpose gifts through the Core Passion® tools and begin living through those gifts rather than self-limiting challenges.

Ongoing intuitive insights and healing energy. 


Recorded hypnosis/meditation sessions to support your practice.


Exercises and tools to strengthen your own intuitive muscle.



The time I have spent with Saree has brought exponential healing, growth, insight & hope to my life. I have been able to tackle difficult life challenges, overcome trauma & been able to accomplish some pretty amazing goals. I even dream better. Saree is a 5 star healer.


Saree is a very knowledgeable and loving person ❤️ she listens to you and devotes her time helping you heal♡
She helped me through a difficult time. I was hurting and struggling with some deep feelings. Saree listened to me and now I have a whole different outlook on life.
Anyone wanting a positive, healing journey reach out to her♡ I can't thank her enough for everything she did. She and I will be lifelong friends.


Saree has been a godsend for me this year! She has helped me opened up my eyes and life so much. She is so passionate about helping people. I have learned so much these past 7 months from Saree and am so thankful my friend Morgan shared her information with me!


How do i summarize in a few words how amazing my experience has been? I could write for hours and shout from the roof tops to be honest! Here are just a few examples....
Saree has helped me tremendously as I navigate through my personal healing journey. Her calm, warm personality makes it so easy to relax and open up to this amazing work. I have experienced in person sessions and over the phone sessions. 
Being a business owner and busy single mother, I didn't realize that I was living in "fight or flight" mode for many years. Living like that resulted in a lot of health issues, anxiety and general unhappiness with myselfand my life.
I went into this with an open mind and truly believe everyone could benefit from hypnotherapy to help access their subconscious mind. It's a great healing tool! Saree is the first person I reach out to when I need help healing parts of myself that I am not happy or comfortable with. She's truly a gift that I share with all of my friends, family and clients. We all need her work in our lives! Thank you for being your true, authentic self Saree❤️
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