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Our bodies are always listening and responding to the thoughts and mental images we feed it. Spend a little time today in silence with your body. It speaks to you through physical sensations.

1) Feel into your body. Start with the top of your head and gradually work your way down to your feet.

2) As you feel into each body part, notice what it is trying to tell you. Spend time with any tension, pain or unwanted sensation and simply allow yourself to feel it.

3) Notice any thoughts or memories that may arise which are messages about the source of this feeling.

4) Send the source of the unwanted feeling your unconditional love. If this is hard to do, imagine your body as a young toddler wanting to get your attention, for this is what the body is attempting to do.

Pain is caused by the resistance to feel. Simply relaxing into the feeling may lessen or even resolve the pain completely.

Struggle with mindless eating? This exercise can also be done to gauge your hunger levels. If you find you aren't actually hungry, ask your body what you ARE hungry for and listen to the messages and notice the mental images that arise. #myinnerspark #fargoweightloss

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