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My Journey Within at a Spiritual Mountain Retreat

A couple of weeks ago, my brother and I embarked on a spiritual journey with a Shaman in the Rocky Mountains. When the Shaman inquired about our intentions for this the expedition, I opened up about my enduring battle with stomach issues over the past two decades and my desire to heal. The Shaman revealed some insights that helped me gain a new awareness on the source of my physical problems.

He spoke of moments in my past where I unconditionally gave my love to others, and had to retract that love to protect myself from further pain and create healthy boundaries. This revelation resonated deeply as I reflected on my life's journey. The Shaman conveyed a powerful truth—that our hearts are designed to expand, not retract. When we are required to retract our love, it births resistance in the heart. This resistance manifests as a fiery energy, coursing through our necks, shoulders, arms, and settling in the depths of our small intestine. The result? A symphony of discomfort, ranging from neck and upper back pain to persistent stomach and digestive issues.

I realized that my current tendency to withhold my thoughts and feelings, a mechanism I adopted as a means of self-protection, only perpetuates this pattern of heart retraction. I noticed this also applies to areas in my life where I have shared visionary thoughts with my peers, and received responding looks as though I have 2 heads; the receipient quick to change the subject.

The Shaman's remedy was simple yet profound—he encouraged me to share my deepest thoughts and feelings by journaling them if I do not feel that I am in a safe space to share them vocally. He also suggested sharing with people I love and trust how I am practicing openening my heart more and that I would like to share thoughts and ideas from that space and that I would ask that they simply respond with "Thank you for loving me and trusting in our relationship to be able to share your deepest thoughts with me."

I share my personal experience with you, hoping my experience might resonate with someone else whose had to retract their love after having given their whole heart or for others who may have felt misunderstood in the unique way they perceive life.

Since gaining this awareness, I've noticed a remarkable reduction of my symptoms. It serves as a gentle reminder that the path to healing chronic physical problems, often begins with understanding the way we process are processing our own thoughts and feelings. #thepathtoheal #spiritualgrowth #myinnerspark

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