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What Happens When You Feel Stuck

Updated: May 12, 2021

Are you feeling Stuck? Perhaps feeling stuck is a good thing...

Stuck shows you that you have hit the next level of expansion for your life.

Stuck shows you that you have learned the lessons in this phase and you are ready to learn new things and experience new adventures.

Stuck shows you there is something knocking on your door waiting to be received by you.

Stuck says you are simply releasing old thought patterns to allow you to see what’s in alignment for your next adventure.

We are never stuck forever even though it can feel that way sometimes. We eventually move into that next phase we are longing for. Might it be helpful to seek support and guidance to help you shift into that new state of being more quickly? Perhaps.

When you are feeling stuck you are simply learning how to match this new state of being that is knocking on your door.

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