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Unlock the Matrix: 3 Secrets About Your Subconscious Mind Revealed by a Hypnotherapist.

Updated: Jun 28

Top 3 Secrets to Unlocking the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Hello everyone! As a hypnotherapist, I've discovered some fascinating secrets about the subconscious mind that can truly help you break free from the Matrix. Let’s dive in!

Understanding the Subconscious Mind

Our subconscious mind operates below our conscious awareness, controlling our habits, beliefs, and automatic responses. It’s a powerful force, making up about 88-95% of our total mind. To harness this power, you need to understand how it works.

Secret #1: Your Subconscious Mind Protects Your Current Identity

Your subconscious mind doesn’t differentiate between good or bad changes. Its primary goal is to keep your current identity safe. So, when you try to make a positive change, it resists because it perceives the change as a threat to its survival.

  • Self-Sabotage: When you think about trying something new, your subconscious mind will do everything to sabotage your efforts. It believes that part of you will die if you change, which is why it feeds you negative thoughts like, "You're not smart enough" or "You’re living in a fantasyland."

  • Know Your Weak Spots: Your subconscious knows your weak spots and uses them against you. Recognize these moments as indicators that you're on the right path. Embrace the challenge and tell your mind, "Bring it on!"

Secret #2: Imagination Equals Reality

Your subconscious mind doesn’t distinguish between imagination and reality. When you visualize yourself achieving your dreams, it believes you are actually experiencing it.

  • Dream and Visualize: The more you dream about your desired reality, the more your subconscious prepares to help you achieve it. Visualization helps your subconscious create opportunities in your external world that align with your dreams.

  • Mind Hack: Spend time each day dreaming about what you want. Engage all your senses and make it as real as possible. Over time, you’ll notice opportunities that bring you closer to your dreams.

Secret #3: The Power of Relaxation

The best time to access your subconscious mind is right before you fall asleep. In this relaxed state, you’re in a mild state of hypnosis, and your inner bully is less active.

  • Bedtime Visualization: Use this time to visualize your goals and repeat positive affirmations. These thoughts go directly into your subconscious mind, bypassing resistance.

  • Avoid Negative Inputs: Don’t fall asleep with the TV on, especially news channels. Your subconscious absorbs everything it hears, which can reinforce negative beliefs and keep you stuck in negative thought patterns.

Our minds are incredibly powerful tools that should work for us, not against us. By understanding and leveraging these secrets, you can start shifting your reality to align with your true desires

Remember, your journey to empowerment and freedom starts with understanding your mind. Let’s break free from the Matrix together!

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