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Trust Your Inner Guidance

Updated: May 12, 2021

The mind is a great tool for simple decisions such as what shoes to wear or what time to schedule your doctor's appointment.

What about those bigger LIFE DECISIONS? Those require tapping into the HEART.

So how do you actually ACCESS THE HEART?

Sit quietly, focusing on your breathing and put your hand on your heart.

Focus on the situation in which you desire guidance. Ask, "What is RIGHT ACTION in this situation?

Be open to the information. The heart (unlike the mind) is connected up to the Quantum world and provides answers that don't always make "logical" sense.

You may see pictures, hear a song, receive a strong answer or even feel sensations in the body providing you with more insight.

At times, the answer won't come right away. It may come later in the form of a SYNCHRONISTIC MESSAGE or something you see on TV or online.

Learning to trust this INNER GUIDANCE leads to a feeling of INNER STRENGTH, a sense of CALM CONFIDENCE and brings about a sense of INNER PEACE. This is being IN SYNC with the HIGHER TRUTH of who you are. #mindfulness #innerspark #hypnosis #fargohypnosis

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