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Busyness is Overrated

I remember when my kids were young and I was working a strenuous job to make ends meet, and I was constantly running from my job to their activities to quickly running through the drive thru's to feed them. Always on the go. Always running. RARELY PRESENT. And I would take sick days just to regroup - most of those days never getting out of my PJ's, eating cold cereal and watching Hallmark shows to just get back in my body again, hoping these things would slow down life a little. Yuck.

When I look back now, I realize that the greatest gift I could have given my kids was PRESENCE. I see this now as my life has slowed down and my kids are 22 and 19, I'm finally able to NOW spend a bit more time with them and be present with them. On their terms now - being the adults they are. I missed SO MUCH in their lives even though I was their main caregiver. I was there but I wasn't THERE. Because I created this story in my head that I had to "be somebody"....I had to be this professional...that did it all...and made sure her kids were in "all the things."

It's kind of giving me a new perspective on women's lib lately. It may have given us power to achieve but at what expense to our babies and our mental health? And to the older generation of women who set the stage for my generation to have a CHOICE - Thank you! SO MUCH GRATITUDE for the work you did going against the grain.

But here is the thing...I see life and experiences as being cyclical. I wonder if things are starting to come back around? I meet with countless women in my hypnosis practice who are young moms and they are overwhelmingly STRESSED, BURNED OUT and HAVE LOST THEIR ZEST FOR LIFE. Most of them tell me that they aren't getting to spend the time with their kids like they wished they could from a happy energetic space because they are toally and completely depleted.

IT EATS ME UP INSIDE... Because I LIVED THAT. And there was something about it that NEVER felt right.

Is this what our older generation of women intended for us? I really don't think so! We don't know what we don't know....until we know. AND NOW WE KNOW.

So maybe this next generation of women can set a new prescedent. If life really is cyclical, maybe we are meant to come back around. Maybe that's what the world is showing us right now. That we have the right to SAY NO to a lifestyle that society has created that may not be doing any favors to our littles.

Maybe more. #myinnerspark

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