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Why it it so hard for me to stay motivated to eat healthy?

I want to tell you a little secret about willpower. You see, the part of our mind in charge of willpower is only 12% of our mind. Our subconscious mind, the part of the mind that stores our habits and automatic actions, is comprised of 88% of our mind. When we rely on willpower to lose weight, we are telling 12% of our mind to be more powerful than the other 88%. The subconscious mind believes its job is to keep things the same. When we

introduce something new into our life or intend to replace a negative habit with a positive one, the first instinct of the subconscious mind is to resist this change. The only way we can successfully create permanent change is by accessing the subconscious. Hypnosis relaxes the portion of the mind that blocks new habits from entering the subconscious and opens the doorway to allow those new habits to be accepted.

Revitalize Weight Release Program

Designed to jumpstart your body and mind to create a healthier and happier YOU!

These sessions ARE UNIQUELY TAILOREDTO YOUR NEEDS, addressing your specific emotional eating triggers & pain points.

Topics/tools that may be introduced into your unique program:

· Resolve late night eating

· Reduce the urge to binge eat

· Overcome food cravings

· Learn Self Hypnosis

· Create a hypnotic anchor for self-control

· Receive specific journaling & mindfulness tools to incorporate into your daily routine

· Learn how to listen to your body & what it truly needs

· Recorded hypnosis sessions

Includes 3 – 75 minute in-person or virtual hypnotherapy sessions exploring your lifestyle patterns and self-limiting beliefs that have kept you from being successful in the past. Each session ends with a hypnosis session addressing these issues, inspiring you to take action!

Receive accountability, emotional support, and tools to be successful!

$399 (Over $50 in Savings!) Sale ends December 31st, 2023. (This program is offered all year; additional savings only through 12/31/23) Activate anytime before May 1, 2024 Additional sessions can be purchased at a 10% discount to extend the program if desired. Good for both in-person and virtual sessions. Not to be used in combination with any other offers or discounts. All Sales Final Purchase Here:

Contact Saree at when you are ready to begin your Revitalize Weight Release Journey! *If purchasing as a gift & would like a printed Gift Card, please email Saree at *This program may be paired with any nutrition plan.

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