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When That Old Unwanted Feeling is Coming Back Again.

Sometimes old memories or past events come popping up into our awareness again...things we thought we had "dealt with" or "figured out"....When this happens, a typical default response is to shove it back down and away because we want to be tough...we don't have time for it....or we have a fear that looking at this "thing" will bring us back to how we felt during that icky event from our past....We judge these things as being "bad" or "negative"...things that define us as "weak".

Au contraire...the strongest people are the ones that look their pain straight in the eye and choose to work through it....the strong ones know that pushing it back down under the surface on the inside causes more strife and hardship on the affects your work/your relationships/your pocketbook....everything.

When an old pain resurfaces, your heart is handing you a are fortunate! Your heart knows you are ready. You are given a chance to release the feeling around it... to relieve that stress once and for's been sitting dormant for a long time....and your heart is telling you it doesn't want to hold this yucky feeling anymore...It's like pulling an infected tooth. RELIEF! RELEASE!

Hypnosis can be a beautiful tool to assist in this release process...if you are feeling an undesirable feeling you wish to release, I would love to connect with you. #mindfulness #innerspark #hypnosis

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