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What is Hypnotherapy Like?

Most of us have a tainted view of what hypnosis really is. I hear so often, “Are you going to make me quack like a duck or do something to embarass myself?” My response is always, “Only if you want me to.” ;-)

The truth is that hypnosis is not what most people have been “hypnotized” into believing. You actually experience the hypnotic state many times during the day. Have you driven while daydreaming and forgotten that you crossed a familiar bridge or passed through a stop light and not been consciously aware of it? Have you been so absorbed in your favorite television show that you forgot the time or your own personal responsibilities? If so, you have spontaneously experienced hypnosis. Hypnosis is natural. It is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. You may have had the experience of drifting off to sleep and having someone come into the room to ask you a question. Since you are not yet asleep, you can still respond coherently from a relaxed, inwardly focused state. So, if you can go to sleep, you can be hypnotized. The question is: Do you want to allow yourself to be hypnotized?

All hypnosis is self hypnosis. It involves the use of your free will. You choose to respond to the suggestions given in hypnosis. You will only respond when you want to respond. Being able to be hypnotized is not the same as being gullible. As a matter of fact, being able to be hypnotized points to a higher-than-normal creative ability and the capability to be the “captain of your own ship.” When you are in hypnosis, you are behind the wheel, driving your own life in more control than in normal waking consciousness. This control emanates from a more expanded and integrated state of awareness.

Hypnosis is a skill. Just as some of us were naturals in grade shcool when we first swung a baseball bat, some of us are naturals at allowing ourselves to access the state of consciousness that is hypnosis. We can all be coached and taught to go into a hypnotic state. The mind is a muscle and sometimes takes time to be molded and shaped.

In a hypnotic state, you are more resourceful and creative because you have access to more dimensions and levels of consciousness. You may feel like you are making things up while in hypnosis because the information gathered does not come from the conscious thinking mind but rather, a “superconscious” state of being, allowing you to access long-forgotten memories, control pain, promote self-healing, and become more intuitive. You are also more suggestible to positive suggestions to promote change.

Oftentimes you will remember what you experience when in a hypnotic state. After a session, you are very likely to continue to think about what you experienced or feel the positive effects of the work you have done as you integrate your new levels of insight and self-discoveries into your conscious self.

The more you access a state of hypnosis, the more positive effects you will have.

People experience hypnosis differently based on which of their senses is most prominent. Some people experience heightened FEEL, while others have a deep sense of KNOWING or SEEING symbols or pictures that represent important things from their subconscious. The beauty of hypnosis, is that you can guide yourself into a state of hypnosis with practice. Oftentimes, I will record a client’s hypnotherapy session so they can replay them on their own allowing them to re-enter that state of hypnosis as they choose, strengthening the suggestions given.

Inspired by Spiritual Hypnotherapist, Holly Holmes-Meredith.

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