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Shifting Into a Higher Frequency

Have you ever reached a point in your life where the things that used to light you up, just don't feed your soul anymore? You used to be really in touch with your "Why"....your REASON for doing what you do in your daily life...but now you find yourself navigating new waters...realizing that your "Why" is shifting and you're really not inspired or motivated to move forward like you used to be...things don't light you up like they used to...

I want you to know that this is actually you SHIFTING into a higher frequency...the things you have gone through have brought you into a higher state of awareness which requires a new "Why" for your life...It may start with a feeling of apathy or lethargy...and then anxiety....the anxiety is the shift your body and mind is experiencing as your soul takes you into this new level of awareness...don't FEAR. It's all PERFECT...embrace any activity that brings you into in nature...sit quietly...for your best guide right now is the whisperings from your soul.

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