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Rediscovering "Who Am I?"

Why am I feeling so “off” lately?

My thoughts and emotions are out of control and I just need to find some inner peace. Recently, I’ve been feeling like I need a change because nothing feels fulfilling anymore but I don’t know what to fill my days with that does feel fulfilling so I’m blocked. I feel like I’m just going through the motions of daily living. I’m having more anxiety than normal but I’m unable to pinpoint the cause.

I don’t relate with people who I used to be close with, and I’m not quite sure what to do with that.

Traumas from childhood that I thought were healed, are coming back again and I feel like I need to release them. I’ve been ingnoring this self-destructive habit I’ve had for years

and I know that it’s time to finally break free from it. It has been weighing heavily on my heart because it’s not working to shove it back down anymore. There are changes afoot on Mother Earth right now. Can you feel it?! For those of us who are sensitive to this shifting of energy, there may be a sense of feeling a bit lost right now. Things that used to light us up no longer feed us passion or inspiration anymore. There is a sense of not knowing who we are, what we are supposed to do and “where do I go from here?” We are not aligning anymore with who we used to be. Many of us are still trying to identify with the old model of ourselves when that old model really doesn’t exist anymore. At the same time, we are feeling this urge to really let go of all of that and embrace a new beginning, even though the process feels unclear and even a bit scary. We can feel these shifts but we don’t yet know what’s on the other side. In this unknowing there is a restlessness, an anxiety, or maybe even an emptiness or loneliness. It is certainly an interesting and fascinating time to be alive. As Mother Earth is going through this shift, her frequency is elevating. You could call it Earth’s “spiritual upgrade.” There is a lot of growth happening for humankind in this moment. We see things changing in our outside world so quickly and it’s shaking our foundation. As her inhabitants, our bodies are going through that same upgrade. We are being “shaken up” to release emotional heaviness, let go of relationships that no longer feel aligned, break old habits and make better choices for our physical bodies so we can live in this new, lighter frequency. We are being led to heal so we can move into this new energetic space that feels much lighter, more passionate, peaceful and inspired.

Within the last year, changes in my own body have been pretty profound. I am noticing my body is less receptive to heavier foods like red meat, cheese, and processed foods. In addition, I’m not able to process alcohol in the same way, and I have a strong aversion to horror films or any unnecessary “darkenss” in the movies I watch. Many social media channels feel heavy and misaligned with my energy now, and I am noticing a desire to be more private with my experiences. My sense of smell is heightened to where toxic fumes like being in a newly painted room will make my stomach sick and head throb, along with perfumes and scents in shampoos and lotions. Emotionally, my heart is opening and my compassion for others and humanity as a whole is expanding. While I know this is a good thing, it can leave me feeling emotionally off balance and ungrounded at times. Past traumas and experiences I thought I had healed are coming back in a new way to be revisited and cleared. I would not describe these experiences as feel good experiences! What does feel good however, is the inner-knowing that this is a collective experience supporting us into a brighter, happier and more peaceful way of life. As we surrender to these changes, we will begin to experience an internal light and peace that we have been missing. As we relax into these collective upgrades and heal those internal wounds, we begin to feel more connected inside and we realize the opportunity to feel this lighter brighter frequency has been here all along! We begin, little by little, opening to what actually feels true and alive inside of us versus going about our days simply doing what other people want for us or believing we should be living a certain way to maintain society’s norms. Society’s norms are changing and instead, we get to decide how we want to live in a way that is unique to us! It is entirely possible to live from this expanded, lighter, and more peaceful authentic space. When our nervous system begins calming down, our head stops feeding us negative or self deprecating stories, allowing our true and authentic self to emerge. We begin trusting ourselves and speaking how we feel from an authentic heart centered space, versus what we think other people want to hear. We begin to feel an increase in self acceptance and self love. Our intuition is naturally magnified in this new frequency and as a result, we trust ourselves and our own decisions,increasing our confidence. As my practice expands and grows, I’m feeling called to support your energy in this expanded way; to hold a space for you to feel seen, accepted and safe to release these havy patterns, addictions or self limiting beliefs so you can gently move into this more peaceful and open-hearted space. A peaceful heart, an increase in mind clarity on your future path and a newfound passion and inspiration for creating your future is my intention for you. If your soul is calling you to do the inner work so you can shift from feeling overwhelmed, unpresent and disconnected to being grounded, at ease and relaxed in your nervous system, I invite you to apply for the Therapeutic Soul Enrichment Program through the link below. Each program is uniquely designed by incorporating modalities and therapies matching your soul’s needs which may include Hypnosis, Mindfulness, Core Passion and more. I’m here to co-create with you, the support and guidance needed for the most important shift in your life – the internal one, from disconnection to presence. Everything you are seeking in your life comes from this inner movement.

Apply Here With love, Saree

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