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Our Subconscious Mind is Sly...and Patient

It knows that when the conscious mind gets a wild hair to change something, that it is only a matter of time and then it has to rest...That is when the subconscious mind steps back in and REVERTS EVERYTHING BACK TO WHERE IT WAS…. THIS IS WHY USING WILLPOWER ALONE WILL NOT CHANGE A BAD HABIT. The subconscious mind is serious about its job and it perceives its job to be, "keep the internal story going". It doesn't judge whether a change is good or bad for you. Its job is to resist change.

We need to learn how to work WITH the subconscious mind so we can be succesful at making those changes that are beneficial for us. We can do that in 2 ways: 1)Hypnosis – Hypnosis is able to bypass the DEFENSE MECHANISMS of the mind to immediately reach the subconscious; and 2) Incremental Change - Persistence and Repitition will break down the subconscious defense mechanisms to allow for positive change over time. #hypnosisworks #MyInnerSpark

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