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How Does Loving Myself Fully Feel?

The fleeting times when I embody this fully it feels like a RELEASE or RELIEF. My body feels relaxed. I feel the energy around my body expanding. My aura expands. It doesn’t feel like pushing or pulling. It doesn’t feel tight or closed off. There is no need to feel like I am protecting myself.

I stand taller. I listen more. I do not feel the need to speak unless inspired internally to do so.

I enjoy listening more because listening becomes a joyful experience and I use the word, “fascinating” a lot. I have NOTHING I NEED TO ASSERT because I have nothing to prove.

When I love myself fully, the people around me feel like I have no expectations for them. They feel free to fully express who they are because they feel no pushing or pulling energy from me based on my own needs. I don’t try to turn

or bend the conversation because I truly am there to just “BE” in the presence of “BEING.”

When I love myself fully, I feel in the depths of my soul that there is nobody else that needs to be loved except myself. Because I’ve noticed that when I am in the presence of people who love themselves, the love feels like it is for me. It’s big and powerful to be in the presence of love. It doesn’t need to be directed toward anyone or anything. You feel good just being in the space of it. It just feels great to be there.

When I love myself fully, I have no expectations of myself. I am already complete. I find I attract experiences to SHARE MYSELF INTO versus SEEKING TO FIND that which will complete me. I need less and enjoy m


When I love myself fully, I feel OPEN and FREE to be in a “sucky space” and I feel comfortable saying, “I’m just not in a good space right now. I’m going through something. I don’t feel shame for feeling something unwanted. Because sometimes we feel low. And that’s ok.

When I love myself fully I don’t have to THINK HARD. I don’t need to try to pull information from an outside source because I have a DEEP INTERNAL KNOWING that I have all of the wisdom inside of me that I could ever need. When I do choose to take in external knowledge, I do so simply to expand in depth,

the internal knowing that I already hold.

When I love myself fully, my mind is at peace. I do not wonder how I acted or sounded. I do not wonder how someone feels about me. I do not wonder how I will get it all done. I do not worry about what the future will look like. I am so in love with the me that is me in this present moment and I know that all of the wondering and worrying are just thoughts….just swirling energy in consciousness that sticks to me when I’m not in a state of self love.

Loving myself fully feels pretty good. I've decided I'm ready to allow myself to feel this more. #innerspark #hypnosis #mindset

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