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We are Entering the Intuition Age

I don’t know about you, but I feel like the energy is pretty “wonky” right now and for some of us, it is showing up in our emotional and physical bodies. If you are struggling with physical health problems unexplained by the medical field, processing old traumas you thought you already dealt with, or you’re experiencing a general sense of “blah” for life in general, you may be experiencing a frequency upgrade.

We are energy and energy vibrates at different frequencies. Our emotions, thoughts and physical bodies all vibrate at their own frequencies. Earth also vibrates at a certain frequency. When we listen to the radio, we know that if we tune into 93.7, we hear a different style of music than when we tune into 98.7. We are tuning into different sound frequencies. When we are tuned into 93.9 we are not aligned with any frequency and we hear static.

Using this analogy, Mother Earth has been in the process of upgrading her frequency from 93.7 to 98.7. Imagine us as cells of Mother Earth feeling this shift within us. As Earth goes through her frequency upgrade, we are upgrading with her. We are each at different stages of this upgrade, vibrating somewhere in the static between 93.7 and 98.7. Being in this static can be very confusing to our physical bodies, the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel.

The foods that vibrate at 93.7 will no longer be tolerated by your body as it elevates to a higher frequency. They will now be out of alignment with you, showing up as digestion problems or other ailments, usually unexplained by the medical community. We are hearing more and more about toxins in our foods and seeing the disease and physical upsets this is causing to our bodies. Toxc food vibrates at the old frequency of Mother Earth and most of us simply don’t vibrate there anymore. If we are still eating these toxic foods but our bodies are out of alignment with the food’s frequency, we often hold onto the dense energy as weight on the body. Toxic food vibrates at the old frequency of Mother Earth and most of us simply don’t vibrate there anymore.

The same goes for outdated thoughts or beliefs we used to hold onto as "truths” on a personal and collective level. We are beginning to look at our lives in new ways. Several of my clients have explained a lack of passion for things that used to light them up. For example, goal setting and list creation may not motivate you in ways they used to. I hear often, “ I feel like I am just going through the motions of life.” Our PURPOSE is shifting. We are expanding our awareness levels at unprecedented speed, and we are longing for deeper understanding of our place in this world. Maybe you are feeling a bit like you are living in a void right now. These are all things I’ve heard from friends and clients as we navigate this powerful shift Mother Earth is experiencing.

We are expanding our awareness levels at unprecedented speed, and we are longing for deeper understanding of our place in this world.

It is a fascinating time to be alive and even though some of us may feel a little displaced and out of sorts, where we are heading to is a much lighter and brighter way of experiencing life. We are seeing ourselves in new ways, letting go of outdated ideas and things that no longer vibrate at our higher frequency. When I feel stuck or in resistance, I will say this mantra to myself,

“I easily let go of any old thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving my highest good.”

What seems heavy in your life right now? What are you sensing you need to let go of that is no longer vibrating at your upgraded frequency? Trust what you feel. We are moving from a time where we looked EXTERNALLY for guidance (other people’s advice, books, 10 step processes, etc.) to trusting our INTERNAL guidance. Now, there are certainly times when external guidance is necessary such as pulling up a YouTube video on how to put in a new garbage disposal or taking a certification course in your field of study. At the same time, we are learning that our higher self is our best source of guidance for our unique way of living.

Your higher self knows what’s best for you more than anyone or anything outside of you. Your Higher Self knows no time. It has experienced your past with you, knows your present and sees all of your possible future timelines. You are a magnificent being and you have unlimited intelligence inside of you waiting to be realized.

Interested in Hypnosis?

Do you feel yourself graduating from some of your old belief systems and ready to explore a deeper side of yourself? Maybe you are noticing a lot of resistance or emotional shifts and you you’re sensing a desire to release the old to make way for the new! Or maybe you are feeling curious and ready to take a deep dive into your inner world because you feel your spiritual self awakening inside of you. Hypnosis is a tool that can support you in uncovering your authentic self. To Learn More: Reach out to me at to schedule a free phone consultation or check out my website:

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